Paola Andrea Rodríguez Triviño – Colombia

Nov 19, 2022

Hello, good morning, my name is Paola Rodríguez, I am from Colombia and this horrible disease appeared to me at the age of 5, unfortunately in Latin America this disease is rare, so the entity of health does not give them much importance, it was not until I turned 19 that I really knew what this disease was, although I spent all my childhood and adolescence because of the strong comments and ridicule And feeling like the most unfortunate person, I’m glad that foundations like this currently appear that care a lot about this disease and if they take it seriously, this is a little drawing that I made during my arts degree today currently operated on the forehead but still food they say surgery doesn’t do miracles either but it’s still a beginning of my new transformation thanks for leaving this space to express our emotions thank you very much